Getting started

This software estimates the amount of energy that can be generated by photovoltaic panels on a given location and helps optimize the specifications. First, we define the exact location for which we would like the analysis to be performed. This is the starting point in the analysis. Location and of course the size of the area that the customer wants to analyze play a key role in the final results. The area at which the meteorological data is needed is now defined.

The assessment part consists of defining basic parameters for the system for which the analysis is being performed. Modules and their basic features are introduced in this section. Next are the characteristics of the inverters. We have the option of selecting a suitable inverter from a database listing a large number of inverters.

System design is also a process that defines the basic parameters so the analysis can encompass all the components that have some impact and all their benefits can be used and covered in the final report.

Upcoming different types of losses are presented, so the client can analyze a real system. If losses are left out, we
make the system that works in ideal conditions which is not the case in practice. When all specifications are entered, analysis of the energy yield for the prospective system is obtained.

Accessing the software

In order to use the Solar Data Application, the user must be registered on the website of the application: The web application can be accessed through a modern web browser, from a PC, tablet or a mobile phone.

User Access Consideration

Some of the features of the software, like energy yield reports are accessible only after the user has paid a package that allows access to that feature in question. The pricing and model used to charge for the features are described on the website: The user can try the software for free, but some functionality may be limited.