Prediction of photovoltaic (PV) power is a significant research area using different forecasting techniques mitigating the effects of the uncertainty of the photovoltaic generation. Solar source is irregular in nature as a result PV power is intermittent and is highly dependent on irradiance, temperature level and other atmospheric parameters.

Solar Data Collector creates a solution for advanced forecasting, monitoring, optimization and proactive management of the output of photovoltaic systems. The solution measures irradiation, temperature and humidity in a more precise manner and uses meteorological data from various sources for predictions’ modelling.

The solution estimates the amount of energy that can be generated by photovoltaic panels on a given location and helps optimize the specifications for maximum benefit. Compared with other solutions which rely on satellite data only, this product adds sensor measurements from the location to the equation and combined with historical satellite data it is more accurate.

This manual describes the software from the beginning where basic information is entered till the end where a full report is created. The software is presented step by step, each functionality is described, so the final report should be a summary that will give a clear business decision.