Software FunctionalitiesΒΆ

The features offered by the software are presented in this chapter. Estimating the energy capacity of the system we want to analyze is the key point of a business strategy.

The software can analyze and optimize the technical specifications of the system by simulating different variants of components, different inverters, different types of modules can maximize the system output. Optimization means greater efficiency of the system by choosing the right components to ultimately achieve the desired result. Optimization also contributes to the adjustment of user consumption based on production analysis.

The report and analysis of the system can be detected in the last section where visualization of the parameters obtained by statistical data processing given by the data. The processed and refined meteorological data, along with the system data we have built, shows the performance we receive. Here through correlations, comparisons and statistical analysis we get the performance of the system. If we want to change the system in some parts it can be done by adding a new system or by changing the existing one and having immediate insight into the performance that will change.